Update: Animal Trainer Who Starved Elephant Denied Another Exhibitor License

The USDA has denied an abusive animal trainer’s request for a new exhibitor license.

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Bunnies Need Your Help More Than Ever! (Warning: GRAPHIC)

Bunny lovers, beware. Find out how to help some of the most exploited animals on the planet.

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The Best Way Ever to Show Your Love for Peter Dinklage? Share This Video! ©starmaxinc.com

The Best Way Ever to Show Your Love for Peter Dinklage? Share This Video!

The Game of Thrones star went vegetarian at 16. Now nearly 30 years later, he’s looking better than ever—and saving the lives of hundreds of animals, too!

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Building Little Houses in the Big House

People from all walks of life support PETA’s “Angels for Animals” doghouse delivery program—including people who are doing 20 years to life.

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Jockey Club Supports Racing Reforms in Wake of PETA Investigation

Horse racing’s most influential governing body calls for horses’ veterinary records to be made public.

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MoMA: PETA Pragmatic About Temple Grandin’s ‘Serpentine (Slaughter) Ramp’

While we work to get the rest of the world to go vegan, we’ll also support reduced suffering, such as this ramp for cows headed to slaughter.

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How to Lose a Girl in One Day: Buy Her a KFC Corsage

PETA has produced shocking artwork showing promgoers the rest of KFC’s disgusting chicken corsage.

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