How Denver’s ‘Hoofin’ It’ Is Hurting Animal Rights

In light of a truly disturbing event in Denver, Colorado, PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk describes how the idea of “humane meat” hurts animals and our cause.

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See the Ad That’s Sending Shoppers Scurrying to Their Cars

Our “Too Hot for Spot!” ads are popping up at malls across California, reminding shoppers that parked cars can cook an animal alive in minutes.

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There’s a Giant Hole in New Orleans, but PETA Has a Plan

What started as a pothole in New Orleans has turned into a massive cavern. But PETA has a plan to put the city on the road to success.

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‘Sons of Anarchy’: Lawless, Ruthless, and … Vegan?

In our weekly celebrity news round-up, what you’d never have guessed about the creator of “Sons of Anarchy” and what the stars are doing to free Lolita.

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SeaWorld Plans to Build Bigger Orca Boxes

In the face of PETA protests, “Blackfish” backlash, plummeting ticket sales, and tanking stock prices, SeaWorld grasps at straws.

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New York Yanks Big Cat Exhibitors’ Source of Income

In a New York minute, everything can change. And for big cats, things have certainly changed for the better.

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A Shocking Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Bullfight

From the moment a bull enters the ring, he’s doomed. Learn the truth about bullfighting.

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