PETA Goes to the ‘Execution Capital of the World’ to Ask for Clemency

With so much talk about botched executions, PETA wants to show people that death row inmates aren’t the only victims.

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Happy Endings for Roussette, Licorice, and Macey (Photos)

Where are they now? We catch up with three PETA rescues.

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10 Vegan Lunch Bag Ideas (for Both Kids and Adults!)

Ten deliciously vegan ways to pack your family’s lunch bag.

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Why We’re Calling Foul on the Elephant Slam Dunk Stunt

A video of an elephant named Chuck who stands on two legs and dunks a basketball with his trunk is making the rounds. But what’s the story behind it?

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The Beheadings No One Is Talking About

Atrocities in faraway places can make us feel powerless to do anything about them—but there are still ways to help stop the violence.

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Experimenters Hold Meeting About PETA’s Air Cruelty Campaign © Taylor Mason

Experimenters Hold Meeting About PETA’s Air Cruelty Campaign

Animal experimenters were holding a meeting to figure out what to do about animal activists when they were interrupted by … animal activists.

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Why Are We Asking Google to Help Dogs in Chile?

Disturbing images captured by Google’s “street view” car in Chile illustrate the need to spay and neuter. Will Google help end animal homelessness?

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