Video: Rescued Bear Nurtures Her Newborns at Sanctuary

If PETA hadn’t freed Ursula before she gave birth, her cubs would have been torn away again. Watch her get to nurture her babies for the first time.

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How Do PETA Beauties Do Earth Day? © 2014 by J. Michael Short

How Do PETA Beauties Do Earth Day?

PETA beauties were out on Earth Day to remind everyone that it’s impossible to “go green” without going vegan.

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25 Reasons You Should Never Fly Air France

Air France is the only major airline in the world that still ships monkeys to be killed in laboratories. This is how they do it.

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Update: Menagerie Allegedly Lets Bear Get Mauled, Languish for Two Weeks

Serial animal abuser Joe Schreibvogel has done it again, this time apparently allowing a mauled bear to suffer for two agonizing weeks.

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Electric Cars Aren’t Enough—Try Vegan for Earth Day

With Earth Day here, people are thinking about what they can do to combat climate change and help the environment. But the usual activities aren’t enough.

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Photos of the Day: Liam Neeson’s Home Swarmed by Animal Advocates

For horse foe Liam Neeson, home is where the protest is.

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Small Town Takes Big Step for Dogs

After citizens in Weldon, North Carolina, expressed concerns about the suffering of chained dogs in their community, town officials took decisive action.

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