Hard-Luck Pups Hope for a Fairy ‘Tail’ Ending

Macey and Brooklyn had rough starts in life, but now these formerly hard-luck “pups” are up for adoption and hoping for their “happily ever after.”

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Horse Who Was Called a 'Rat' Gets Rescued

Sam Simon steps in to save a horse who came from a stable where a PETA investigator documented routine drug misuse.

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PETA Inflates Giant Toilet to Protest Canada’s Seal Slaughter © James Park

PETA Inflates Giant Toilet to Protest Canada’s Seal Slaughter

To commemorate Canada’s Tax Day, PETA blew up a toilet to show taxpayers how the seal massacre not only kills animals but also flushes money away.

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Lies vs. Reality: 7 Things to Know About Horse Racing

When I heard about number 6, I was heartbroken.

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Ohio’s Exotics Owners Lose in Court—Enforcement Must Follow

After exotic-animal exploiters lose a two-year court battle, Ohio law enforcement must take decisive action to enforce the law.

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Jillian Michaels Leads Rally for Horses at New York City Hall

One of the horses used by New York City’s carriage industry may soon trade the pavement for the pasture and blinders for butterflies.

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Laura Vandervoort Gets Naked and Is Confined to a Tiny Tank!

Laura Vandervoort makes a stunning argument against holding orcas in captivity and forcing them to perform for the sake of so-called "family entertainment."

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