Air France: Protests Will Continue Until the Primate Shipping Stops!

Every airline has stopped shipping primates to laboratories, except one. That means PETA has stopped protesting every airline, except for one.

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Victory! Carriages a Thing of the Past in Salt Lake City

One year after a horse named Jerry collapsed and died, Salt Lake City’s Carriage for Hire is out of business.

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Miss America 2014 Celebrates Diversity!

Watch outgoing Miss America, Nina Davuluri, highlight the joys of adopting shelter dogs!

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Four Fascinating Videos You Need to See Before Eating Those Eggs

The horrors of the egg industry can be hard to understand, but these four short, creative videos will reveal them all.

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Russell Simmons Says Fast Food Will Make You Fat (Not PHAT) ©

Russell Simmons Says Fast Food Will Make You Fat (Not PHAT)

Hip-hop superstar Russell Simmons takes to the airwaves to fight fast food.

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What’s Changed Since PETA’s Historic Silver Spring Monkeys Case?

It’s been more than three decades since PETA investigated a laboratory in Silver Spring, Maryland, and changed the course of animal rights history.

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Turnabout Is Fair Play: Bear Bites Hunter Leg ©; Tree © Bear © Freder Forest ©

Turnabout Is Fair Play: Bear Bites Hunter

A bear turns the tables on a hunter and shows him what it’s like to be hunted. PETA plans to let all hunters know that payback is hell.

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