Are Hungry Bullfighters Hankering for a New Job?

PETA extends an olive branch to striking bullfighters.

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Why Pam Isn’t Taking the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ ©

Why Pam Isn't Taking the 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

Pamela Anderson takes the ALS Association’s “Ice Bucket Challenge”—adding a challenge of her own: Stop experimenting on animals!

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Rescued ‘Fruit Bat’ Is Looking for a New Roost

Looking to adopt? This Chihuahua puppy is all ears.

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What’s a Giant Fork Doing on Top of the Space Needle? Pasta © benan, Fork ©, Space Needle ©

What’s a Giant Fork Doing on Top of the Space Needle?

Seattle’s iconic Space Needle gets a 21st century “remodel” in a new PETA ad.

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Victory! Moscow International Circus Suspends Animal Acts

The Moscow International Circus has pledged not to use any animals in its upcoming performances after tens of thousands of people objected.

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Come One, Come All … Anyone?

Are the days of jamming animals in boxcars and cages finally coming to an end?

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Are You Killing Geese With ‘Kindness’?

Did you know feeding geese could be bad or that rehabilitating them requires expertise and a specialized permit? Learn more about living at peace with geese.

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