Healthy and Delicious Vegan Italian Stuffed Zucchini

Learn to make yummy vegan Italian stuffed zucchini with this simple, healthy recipe.

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Update: Why Is PETA Buying Into Groupon?

Groupon is selling out animals by promoting abusive circuses, so PETA has become a Groupon shareholder in order to seek policy changes.

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5 Things You Can Do to Help Shut Down SeaWorld

Here are five easy things that we can do to help shut the doors of the horrid marine-mammal amusement park known as SeaWorld.

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Update: Where Is This Cub’s Mother? (Video and Photos)

Conditions at the Cherokee Bear Zoo remain unimaginably grim.

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Illegally Imprisoned Elephant Suffering From ‘Massive’ Wound (Photo)

A health inspection has revealed the horrific effects of constant chaining on Sunder, an elephant still imprisoned in defiance of a court order.

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Update: Reports of Abuse and Deaths at Sham Sanctuary

Eyewitnesses report sick, injured, and dying animals left to suffer at a California hellhole marketing itself as a “sanctuary.”

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After Woman Is Nearly Killed by Elephant, USDA Slaps Owner With Penalty

Patricia Zerbini let a frustrated captive elephant nearly kill a woman. Now it’s Zerbini’s turn to pay.

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