What’s the Latest City to Ban Bullhooks? © iStock.com/ValentijnTempels

What’s the Latest City to Ban Bullhooks?

Miami Beach officials are the latest to recognize that bullhooks and whips are inhumane.

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Update: Maxine’s Search Is Over

A stray dog found wandering down a country road makes herself right at home in the big city.

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Maya Angelou Knew Why the Caged Bird Sings

The plight of a caged bird served as the inspiration for one of America’s most beloved poets.

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Donated Dissection Software Saves Lives

A Texas high school recognizes that animals are not test subjects.

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14 Facts That Prove Animals Are Winning

If you had any doubt about the momentum of the animal rights movement, these 14 facts will put those to bed.

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60 Seconds That Will Change Your Life © Serg Alexander/Eyeworks Production

60 Seconds That Will Change Your Life

Can you step into the life of an animal for just one minute?

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Say THANKS to PETA’s Eyewitness Investigators!

PETA investigators experience firsthand the pain that many animals are forced to endure. Sign our thank-you card and show them how much you appreciate their sacrifice and determination.

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