UPDATE: PETA Seeks Justice for Escaped Wolf-Dog Found Dead

After an escaped wolf-dog hybrid is found dead, PETA obtains evidence that suggests that the roadside zoo that owned her might have been able to save her life.

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200 Miles, 120 Surgeries, Thousands of Lives Saved

One of PETA’s mobile clinics drives halfway across the state to help “fix” animal homelessness.

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My Son Has Autism—That’s Why I Support PETA’s Autism Campaign

Gillian Loughran, editor of “Autism Eye” magazine and the mother of a son with autism, speaks out.

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Ashley Tisdale: From Disney Darling to Vegan Vixen © StarMaxInc.com

Ashley Tisdale: From Disney Darling to Vegan Vixen

Ashley Tisdale isn’t sweating the wedding—she’s getting picture-perfect by eating plants.

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Do You Know How Many Animals Die Before They Reach Pet Stores? (GRAPHIC)

A damning new report documents rampant disease, suffering, and death in the exotic-animal trade.

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Watch: Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver’s Racist, Sexist Rant

Horse-drawn carriage driver Frank Rodden is looking a lot more like Frank Rotten after his racist, sexist rants hit YouTube.

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The Top 6 Vegan-Friendly Doughnut Shops

If you’ve got a sweet tooth that needs satisfying, check out the best bakeries in the country to find delicious vegan doughnuts.

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