Jessica Biel Stands Up for Orcas

At SeaWorld's annual meeting, Jessica Biel asks SeaWorld to listen to the public and develop a plan to move the orcas to sea pens.

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Your Lobster-on-a-Stick Will Make You Sick

The lobster slaughterhouse investigated by PETA last year has been cited by the Food and Drug Administration for food safety violations.

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Heartbreaking: Spooked Carriage-Industry Horse Crashes Into Taxi (Photo)

Another horse thinks, “Enough!” and takes off running in New York City.

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Photo of the Day: He’s Here, He’s Orange, Get Used to It

Chris P. Carrot leads the PETA brigade in Washington, D.C.’s, Capital Pride Parade.

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UPDATE: PETA Seeks Justice for Escaped Wolf-Dog Found Dead

After an escaped wolf-dog hybrid is found dead, PETA obtains evidence that suggests that the roadside zoo that owned her might have been able to save her life.

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200 Miles, 120 Surgeries, Thousands of Lives Saved

One of PETA’s mobile clinics drives halfway across the state to help “fix” animal homelessness.

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My Son Has Autism—That’s Why I Support PETA’s Autism Campaign

Gillian Loughran, editor of “Autism Eye” magazine and the mother of a son with autism, speaks out.

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