Why I Can’t Wait to Go Make-Up Shopping (Video)

Which two companies have just joined PETA’s list of cruelty-free companies?

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7 Vegan Athletes With More Muscles Than You

Meet seven superhuman plant-powered athletes who are blazing a trail for the ever-growing field of vegan athletes.

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Video: Bill Maher and Top Comedians ‘Stand Up for Animals’

If you didn’t see the show in Los Angeles, check out our exclusive video of some of comedy’s best talents hitting cruelty to animals with their best shot.

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Why Are We Urging Pittsburghers to ‘Step It Up’?

Pittsburgh’s famous staircases are in danger, but PETA has a plan to help save them—along with residents’ health AND animals’ lives.

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“Environmentalists” Called Out in Cowspiracy

“Cowspiracy” could just do to the meat and dairy industries what “Blackfish” is doing to SeaWorld.

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Long-Distance Dedication to Casey Kasem

The country has lost a broadcasting legend with the passing of “American Top 40″ host Casey Kasem, and animals have lost a friend.

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9 Secret Devices That Animal Abusers Don’t Want You to Know About

These nine things are causing a lot of animals a lot of pain. What’s worse? It’s all standard operating procedure.

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