Gunn Fight: Tim Gunn Calls Out Cruel, Homophobic Horse Carriage Industry ©

Gunn Fight: Tim Gunn Calls Out Cruel, Homophobic Horse Carriage Industry

In our weekly celebrity news round-up, NYC carriage drivers are under the Gunn, Billy Joel refuses to tickle the ivories, and a Vivienne Westwood show goes to the hogs.

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What’s a Monkey Doing in First Class?

A “monkey” takes over first-class during Air France’s launch of its new luxury cabins.

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Sexiest Vegetarian Contest ©

What's Hollywood's Secret for Being Sexy at Any Age?

How do your some of your favorite celebrities look so fantastic all the time? By living every day meat-free!

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This Is How Hot Dogs Are Made, and It’s Way Worse Than You Thought

Sure, there are lots of questionable ingredients, but look beyond those and see the horror story.

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The 5 Vegan Hot Dogs You Have to Try

Just in time for Independence Day, check out our list of the top vegan hot dogs from around the country!

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Sunder Blossoms in His New Home (Photos and Video)

Before his rescue, the elephant was abused and in isolation. Now he has friends of his own species, gets coconuts for treats, and splashes around in a natural pond!

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