8 Things You Never Knew About PETA

A few things you never knew about being employed at the world’s largest animal rights organization!

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Beluga Whale Dies at SeaWorld

If there's a heaven, Ruby's in it—and if not, nothingness beats living in misery at SeaWorld as this beluga has done for the past 17 years.

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Cher Is Dressed to Kill… SeaWorld’s Profits © StarMaxInc.com

Cher Is Dressed to Kill… SeaWorld’s Profits

In celebrity news, Cher is “dressed to kill” on tour and ready to kill SeaWorld’s profits, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has a new love, and more.

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This Is How Hot Dogs Are Made, and It’s Way Worse Than You Thought

Sure, there are lots of questionable ingredients, but look beyond those and see the horror story.

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Update: Chief Saunooke Bears Living the Good Life

One year after being rescued from a decrepit roadside zoo, see how the bears are doing now.

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Pro-Life? Go Vegan, Urges PETA in Wake of Hobby Lobby Ruling

In the wake of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court victory, PETA hopes to place its “Killed at 7 Weeks” ad in Oklahoma, urging people to protect all life.

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Are You Living in Hog Heaven? Need Some Company?

Know anybody who would be interested in adopting a pig? We have 12 in need of rescue, so fire up your Facebook account and get the word out!

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