What Happens When ‘Save Rates’ Trump Common Sense?

In an attempt to boast higher “save rates,” some shelters are taking dangerous measures, including adopting out dogs with an unpredictable temperament to unsuspecting members of the public.

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Jared Leto: You Look Like You Need a Hug

Jared Leto hugged a tree, and a meme was born. Who’s he been hugging lately?

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How Does Bombshell Courtney Stodden Celebrate National Hot Dog Day?

Caring reality-TV star Courtney Stodden served wieners at PETA’s Congressional Veggie Dog Giveaway, which was timed to coincide with National Hot Dog Day.

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Victory! Mexico City Finalizes Ban on Animals in Circuses

Following campaigns by PETA and others, Mexico City is telling circuses that force animals to perform that the show must not go on.

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UPDATE: Burned Steer Saved From Slaughter © FreeImages.com/Goat_Girl

UPDATE: Burned Steer Saved From Slaughter

It’s Christmas in July for Panda, a badly burned steer who was this close to being sent to slaughter.

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What Happens When Hookers Are Allowed on the Pier?

PETA’s flying banner canvassed the California coastline as we worked to protect sea life and human beachgoers from the ocean’s biggest predators.

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You’re Invited to the #VeganFashion Shop-Up of the Summer!

PETA’s first pop-up shop featuring the hottest vegan designers is coming to Los Angeles on Saturday, August 23.

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