‘Sheep’ to J.Crew: Hear Us, Don’t Shear Us ©iStock.com/Jamesbowyer

‘Sheep’ to J.Crew: Hear Us, Don’t Shear Us

Sheep are up in hooves over the way they’re being abused by wool producers. And today, one of them asked J.Crew to drop cruel wool.

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Jessica Simpson Goes Vegan for the Vows, and More Celeb News

In our weekly celebrity news round-up, why Jessica Simpson wasn’t sweating the wedding, Gavin Rossdale’s heroic rescue, and a vegetarian who may surprise you.

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2014 Emmy-Nominated Friends of Animals! @StarMaxInc.com

2014 Emmy-Nominated Friends of Animals!

Eight of 2014’s most celebrated TV stars are kind, compassionate friends to animals, and a couple will probably surprise you.

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Could This New Test Mean No More Animals Suffering for Vaccines?

A humane new method of testing vaccines could save countless lives—both animal and human.

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Abused Horses Find Their Field of Dreams (Photos)

Henry was once a racehorse, but after he stopped winning, his life took a turn for the worse.

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7 Videos the Circus Doesn’t Want You to See

Circuses take everything away from the animals they use. These videos show how they do it.

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7 Foster Farms' Secrets Worse Than the Salmonella Outbreak

After its latest recall, Foster Farms is facing possible closure of its slaughterhouses by the USDA. But there is much more to be concerned about.

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