World Exclusive: Morrissey Talks to PETA About His New Animal Anthem © Michael Muller

World Exclusive: Morrissey Talks to PETA About His New Animal Anthem

In an exclusive interview with PETA, vegan rock icon Morrissey discusses his latest animal rights anthem—and shows off his PETA pride.

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Protect Dogs From Deadly Summer Weather

Imagine spending your entire summer with nothing to protect you from the sun’s burning rays. One simple act of kindness from you right now can help.

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Tourists Beware! Elephants Killed and Kidnapped for Cruel Rides

Kidnappings, killings, and beatings are all common in Thailand’s elephant-ride industry.

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Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite on Being Vegetarian

In an exclusive interview, Stuart Braithwaite, from the band Mogwai, shares why he doesn't think animals should die for food and why you should consider going vegetarian!

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Omaha Team's Minor League Stadium Wins Big Honor From PETA

Fans can score tasty vegetarian food at Nebraska’s Werner Park, which tops PETA’s list of vegetarian-friendly minor league baseball stadiums.

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The Winners of PETA’s 2014 Vegetarian-Friendly MLB Stadium Rankings Are … © Levy Restaurants

PETA's Keeping Score at Vegetarian-Friendly Stadiums. Who Won?

Fans can score tasty vegetarian fare at many MLB stadiums, including AT&T Park, which tops PETA’s 2014 list of vegetarian-friendly ballparks.

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Ever Wonder Where Cows on Dairy Farms Come From? Watch This to See.

Disturbing video footage shows calves dragged by their ears and tails and slammed into transport trucks. Please help us identify where this cruelty occurred.

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