Howard Stern Loves PETA, Hates SeaWorld ©

Howard Stern Loves PETA, Hates SeaWorld

The “King of All Media” banishes SeaWorld from his kingdom.

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Does Being Boiled Alive Sound Like a Game to You?

A group of compassionate servers band together to save neglected lobsters.

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Why Is PETA Paying People’s Water Bills? ©

Why Is PETA Paying People’s Water Bills?

Some people may get paid to help animals, the planet, and their health.

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Comic-Con Fans Greeted at Airport by Massive Anti-SeaWorld Cartoon

The top story in the lead-up to Comic-Con isn’t about a celebrity or a hot new movie. It’s about a cartoon of an orca holding SeaWorld’s CEO in his …

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Fred Schneider Rocks Lobsters’ World

The B-52s lead singer takes his pro-crustacean message straight into the heart of lobster country.

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How Can You Get in Shape And Help Stop Animal Abuse?

Join the PETA Pack team! Use the promo code summer2014 and get $10 off registration. Better hurry, training starts on August 3!

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Happy Birthday, Prince George!

In honor of the future king's first birthday, we wanted to present him with only the most compassionate of royal gifts, his very own faux-fur royal robe.

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