Adopt an Animal © Aneesh Sankankutty

Adopt an Animal

One of the most vital ways that you can help Animal Rahat’s efforts for animals in India is by virtually adopting one of the animals. Adopt an animal today!

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Clinton Would Love PETA’s ‘Best of Reagan’ Winner

PETA is presenting Ben’s Chili Bowl—made famous by President Barack Obama’s visits—with a “Best of Reagan” Award for its tasty vegan options.

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What Do Roadside Zoos, SeaWorld, and Ringling Have in Common?

PETA’s Captive Animal Law Enforcement division has been very busy, tackling Ringling, SeaWorld, and some really awful roadside zoos.

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Win for Dolphins! Bahamian Supreme Court Orders Dolphinarium Closed

In a victory for marine mammals, a Supreme Court judge in the Bahamas has ordered a “swim-with-dolphins” exhibit to shut down and release its captive dolphins.

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Howard Stern Loves PETA, Hates SeaWorld ©

Howard Stern Loves PETA, Hates SeaWorld

The “King of All Media” banishes SeaWorld from his kingdom.

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Does Being Boiled Alive Sound Like a Game to You?

A group of compassionate servers band together to save neglected lobsters.

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Why Is PETA Paying People’s Water Bills? ©

Why Is PETA Paying People’s Water Bills?

Some people may get paid to help animals, the planet, and their health.

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