Why We’re Urging ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star to Give Up Her Dogs dog photo © iStock.com/a-wrangler

Which Reality TV Star Was Caught Abusing Dogs?

Following disturbing scenes of abuse, PETA is urging a “Teen Mom 2″ star to give her dogs a chance at a better life.

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Sorry, Big Ag: PETA, ALDF ‘Ag-Gag’ Lawsuit Gets Green Light

A judge rules that PETA and the ALDF’s lawsuit contesting Utah’s “ag-gag” law can move forward.

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Captured and Enslaved: The Story Behind Lolita

After 44 years, Lolita is the last survivor from the largest orca capture in history. Now is the time to do the right thing.

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Why Should You Air Seventh Generation’s Dirty Laundry?

You can make a difference for animals by tweeting the truth about Seventh Generation’s support for cruel and archaic animal tests.

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Jenna Fischer Says Elephants Shouldn’t Have to Work © StarMaxInc.com

'The Office' Star Jenna Fischer Slams Elephant Rides

See what The Office’s Jenna Fischer has to say about elephant rides.

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Mexican Circus Fined for Mutilated Animals

Authorities just fined Harley Circus approximately $53,000 for featuring a bear whose lower jaw had been removed and a lion and three spider monkeys who were declawed and defanged.

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Help Us Catch YouTube Squirrel Killer and Get $15,000

The man who kicked a squirrel off a canyon cliff is probably just getting started.

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