Beatles Donate Use of ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ to PETA for Adoption Campaign

After three decades of being one of the most prolific forces for animal rights, Paul McCartney is still finding creative new ways to promote compassion.

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Why Animal Rights? ©

Why Should Animals Have Rights?

Whether it’s based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or species, prejudice is morally unacceptable. If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a pig?

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Urge Feds to Investigate the CDC’s Laboratories Now!

The CDC’s lack of accountability has resulted in egregious suffering for animals and perilous working conditions for employees.

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Whole Foods ‘Happy Meat’ Supplier Exposed

Watch this video from a “humane farm” and ask Whole Foods to stop misleading people!

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The Top 6 Vegan Fine-Dining Establishments in the U.S.

Check out these mouthwatering shots of our favorite dishes from some of the top-rated vegan restaurants in the country.

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The Selfie That Could Change the Course of Animal Rights

The question is not whether animals should be afforded basic rights but rather, why shouldn’t they?

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Guest Post: Animals Aren’t Numbers ©

Guest Post: Animals Aren’t Numbers

Statistics don’t tell the whole story. One shelter director explains why she’ll always do the right thing for animals in need.

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Red Carpet Ready: PETA’s 35th Anniversary Gala!

Did you miss the live coverage of our 35th anniversary gala? Don’t worry, we captured the best moments here!

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Molly Shannon Walks Mike White, and They Help Dogs Everywhere

To us, it’s a just funny video, but to a dog, a walk is everything. Your dog really wants you to see this video.

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Video: Gone Too Soon, Young Elephant Dies in Zoo ©

Video: Gone Too Soon, Young Elephant Dies in Zoo

PETA calls on the Oklahoma City Zoo to stop gambling with the lives of young elephants and immediately halt its breeding program.

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‘The Hobbit’ Actor Works to Get Animals out of Circus Rings ©

‘The Hobbit’ Actor Works to Get Animals out of Circus Rings

Just like Bilbo Baggins, Martin Freeman has a mission.

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Body by Vegan: Singer D△wn

By replacing animal-derived food with plant-based proteins in her favorite dishes and embracing her love of avocados, D△wn is enjoying her vegan lifestyle.

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PETA in Action

  • Reptile Rescue
    Reptile Rescue
    We helped this chameleon, who was kept as a "pet" and denied adequate care. He's now in capable hands.
  • Rescued From a Violent Fate
    Rescued From a Violent Fate
    After we got word that irresponsible owners were planning to shoot several of their 14 dogs because of over-breeding, we stepped in and transported them to safety.
  • Turtle Saved and Fishing Banned!
    Turtle Saved and Fishing Banned!
    PETA helped with the vetting and re-release of soft-shell turtle Tish, who had been hooked by children fishing. This led to a community ban on fishing at this pond.
  • From Hoarding to Safety
    From Hoarding to Safety
    We arranged for the transport of 10 Chihuahua-mixes from a hoarding situation to a reputable animal shelter, where they'll be spayed and neutered and put up for adoption!
  • Turtle Seller Faces Federal Charges
    Turtle Seller Faces Federal Charges
    When a PETA staffer saw these turtles for sale at Union Station in Los Angeles she reported the black market peddler, and he was carted off on federal charges.
  • Dog Gets New Home
    Dog Gets New Home
    We found a new home for Charlie Brown, an unwanted Labrador who had been cruelly chained his entire life.
  • Bunny Reunited With Mom
    Bunny Reunited With Mom
    We convinced a concerned caller that a small bunny she found would be best reunited with his mother and not kept as a "pet." We ensured that he was released and reunited with his family.
  • Pup Gets Second Chance, Thanks to PETA and Donor
    Pup Gets Second Chance, Thanks to PETA and Donor
    An underweight pup dumped at a church was given a second chance when PETA and a generous donor arranged for his transport to safety and veterinary care.
  • Sweet Safety for This Gull
    Sweet Safety for This Gull
    When we heard about this unfortunate gull who had been run over, we sprung into action to transport her to a rehabber.
  • Pup Rushed to Safety!
    Pup Rushed to Safety!
    PETA spirited this distressed dog to safety after he had been hit by a car. He was handed over to expert hands.
  • Nestling Gets Help!
    Nestling Gets Help!
    We ensured that this lone nestling, who was found by a compassionate caller, was whisked to a capable rehabber. He's expected to make a full recovery.
  • Neglected No More
    Neglected No More
    When we heard about this neglected poodle mix, we immediately alerted authorities, who then seized and groomed the dog and filed charges against his abusers!
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