9 YELP Reviews SeaWorld Doesn’t Want You to See

PETA isn’t too crazy about SeaWorld, but we aren’t alone. Every day, people take to Yelp to share their views on the care of animals at SeaWorld.

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Why Animal Rights? ©iStock.com/sweetlifephotos

Why Should Animals Have Rights?

Whether it’s based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or species, prejudice is morally unacceptable. If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a pig?

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Emergency Ban Stops Wild Cat Exploiters in Their Tracks © iStock.com/TomFawls

Emergency Ban Stops Wild Cat Exploiters in Their Tracks

Authorities slam the door shut on animal exploiters.

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11 Reasons Why PETA’s Snapchat Game Is on Point

PETA’s Snapchat stories cover everything from investigations and rescues to new vegan foods and events. This is why you NEED to follow PETA on Snapchat.

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Eva Mendes’ new Circa Beauty Line: Fun, Affordable, and Cruelty-Free StarMaxInc.com

Eva Mendes’ new Circa Beauty Line: Fun, Affordable, and Cruelty-Free

Eva Mendes’ cruelty-free CIRCA cosmetics focuses on beauty from the inside out.

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Seven Virginia Animal Shelters to Bring Dogs to ‘Adopt-a-Thon’ at PETA Headquarters

Shelter pups will be available for adoption at a birthday celebration for PETA’s late honorary director, Sam Simon.

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Caring Cats, Winner Warblers, and Improbable Animal Friendships © iStock.com/PaulReevesPhotography

Caring Cats, Winner Warblers, and Improbable Animal Friendships

Animals are full of infinite surprises. Tiny warblers fly thousands of miles during migration, cats become nurses, and dogs and rats are best friends.

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Watch: At Least Three People Seriously Injured at Bullfight

Several people were gored by a bull at Peru’s Festival of the Crosses.

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Go Underwater With PETA’s New Virtual Reality Experience, “I, Orca”

In PETA’s stunning new empathy-building experience, viewers will go underwater to swim with a grieving mother orca.

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Mauled Puppy Gets Back on His Feet

Watch this courageous puppy’s transformation.

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Gallup Poll Shows Majority of Americans Are Concerned About Animal Rights

Here’s proof positive that animal advocates are continuing to change minds and garner more support for animal rights nationwide.

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How Do You Fix a Hated Pop-Up? With an Eye-Catching Mural!

Washington, D.C.’s ‘Monstrosity’ could get a beautiful new look—and send a message of compassion—with this ‘Peas on Earth’ mural.

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PETA in Action

  • Happy as a pig in sunshine
    Happy as a pig in sunshine
    PETA rescued a mother pig and her piglets from a dilapidated pen in a trailer park in North Carolina where they were soon to be sent to slaughter. The family has settled in nicely at the 400-acre Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Maryland.
  • Bull Run is out of California
    Bull Run is out of California
    As the result of a lawsuit brought by PETA and the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the Pamplona-style Great Bull Run agreed to never to return to the state of California.
  • Coco's Stunning Transformation
    Coco's Stunning Transformation
    When Coco's guardians surrendered her to PETA, she was riddled with parasites and about half her ideal weight. All that changed after Virginia Beach SPCA and PETA helped her find a "forever" family.
  • From Barely Living to Living Like Bears
    From Barely Living to Living Like Bears
    Thanks to the generosity of animal friend Sam Simon, PETA rescued two Himalayan black bears who were confined to a concrete pit and moved them safely to a sanctuary.
  • Justice for Justice
    Justice for Justice
    PETA fieldworkers rescued Justice after his collar became embedded in his neck. He was rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic for treatment and is now blossoming in a foster home.
  • Rabbit Rescued From Dinner Table
    Rabbit Rescued From Dinner Table
    What could have been Nigel’s last day on Earth turned into the luckiest day of his life when a PETA staffer rescued him just in the nick of time from a cruel person who was planning to feed him to a snake.
  • Jake's Extreme Makeover
    Jake's Extreme Makeover
    When we found Jake, he was filthy and matted and tested positive for heartworms. But once he met PETA's fieldworkers, he couldn't stop wagging his tail. He now has a wonderful home with a big backyard and several fur siblings.
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