Ad Blitz Targets Child Abuse at NIH

A new D.C. ad blitz lets legislators and the public know that millions in tax dollars are being used to torture and kill baby monkeys.

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Makers of ‘Crush Porn’ Videos in Philippines Sentenced to Life In Prison

After forcing girls to torture and kill puppies, rabbits, and other animals in “fetish” videos, Vicente and Dorma Ridon have forfeited their freedom.

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Why Animal Rights? © Donna Mété and Dickse Fitzgerald

Animal Rights Isn't Just a Philosophy

Take vital steps to cut thoughtless cruelty to animals out of your life and to educate others around you. Check out the most comprehensive book on animal rights available today!

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The Thanksgiving Dinner That Sits, Stays, and Speaks ©

The Thanksgiving Dinner That Sits, Stays, and Speaks

Do you know folks who eat turkey breast? What about terrier breast?

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These 60 Seconds Will Shock You

This video lasts only a minute, but the sights and sounds will stay with you forever. Take our global “Stop Animal Tests” challenge to help end their suffering.

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Don’t Let This Happen to Your Cat ©

Don’t Let This Happen to Your Cat

A cat’s gruesome death serves as a cautionary tale for other cat guardians.

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Tell Seventh Generation to Clean Up Its Act © Doctors Against Animal Experiments

Seventh Generation: “We don’t want to die!”

Please take a moment to let Seventh Generation know that you will not buy its products until the company stops supporting campaigns that promote tests on animals.

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Denzel Washington: ‘The Equalizer’ Tries Vegan ©

Denzel Washington: ‘The Equalizer’ Tries Vegan

In our weekly celebrity news round-up, veggies look damn good on Denzel, CBS’ “hottest reporter” is a PETA ad alumnus, and who declared, “Animals are my life”?

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12 Things Ringling Doesn’t Want You to Know

If there’s one thing Ringling Bros. circus has proved over the years, it’s that it’s the cruelest show on Earth.

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PETA Tells Hunters and Anglers: ‘We’re Watching From Land and Sea’

Hunters and anglers who are planning to participate in National Hunting and Fishing Day on September 27 had best beware: PETA could be watching.

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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With These Seven Recipes

Enjoy the flavors from around the world in these traditional recipes with a vegan twist!

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Pamela Anderson Thanks Swiss Council for Moving to Ban Seal Fur ©

Pamela Anderson Thanks Swiss Council for Moving to Ban Seal Fur

There’s more great news about PETA’s campaign to stop the Canadian seal slaughter.

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