‘Has Your Meat Been Molested?’ Billboard Cancelled

PETA’s pro-vegan campaign ad won’t run in the wake of teacher sex-abuse scandals.

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Why Are These People Crying? © Serg Alexander/Eyeworks Production

Why Are These People Crying?

When you learn the truth about who’s on your plate, you’ll be crying, too.

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Lives Stolen By SeaWorld

The death toll at SeaWorld continues to climb as many orcas imprisoned at SeaWorld’s theme parks have become victims of unnecessary tragedies.

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PETA ‘Chicken’ Rolls Up to the White House for Easter Egg Roll

Our “chicken” rolled up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to give people 1,600 reasons why faux, fun, recyclable eggs win over chickens’ eggs every time.

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WATCH: This April Fool’s Joke in Paris Airport Leaves Air France Red-Faced

Cruelty is no laughing matter, but sometimes playful tactics are the best way to get a compassionate message across.

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Roadside Zoos Are Epically Failing Animals © iStock.com/markrhiggins

Roadside Zoos Are Epically Failing Animals

Lost fingertips, chewed-off body parts, and fights to the death are all just part of another day for animals at these sleazy roadside zoos.

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PETA to Debut 3-D Printed Thumbs to Make Dogs Self-Sufficient © iStock.com/standby

PETA to Debut 3-D Printed Thumbs to Make Dogs Self-Sufficient

PETA is working with technologists to develop a new smart device that will become your best friend’s, well, best friend.

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Vegan Passover Recipes iStock.com/dra_schwartz

Vegan Passover Recipes

Vegan recipes for celebrating a compassionate Passover.

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New Footage Shows Elephants with UniverSoul Circus Exhibiting Zoochosis 

Confined to tight spaces and forced to perform, elephants in circuses often exhibit signs of zoochosis.

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General Mills Leads the Way in Opposing Cow Mutilations

Following discussions with PETA, one of the world’s largest food companies has moved to end the cruel dehorning of calves. 

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Daniella Alonso of 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2' Strips Bare

To make the point that she'd "rather go naked" than wear wool, actor Daniella Alonso destroys a sweater in this first-of-its-kind PETA ad.

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Watch: John Hargrove Takes Down SeaWorld on The Daily Show, SeaWorld’s #AskSeaWorld Campaign Backfires Spectacularly

John Hargrove holds nothing back when speaking to Jon Stewart; #AskSeaWorld doesn’t go as planned.

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PETA in Action

  • Coco's Stunning Transformation
    Coco's Stunning Transformation
    When Coco's guardians surrendered her to PETA, she was riddled with parasites and about half her ideal weight. All that changed after Virginia Beach SPCA and PETA helped her find a "forever" family.
  • Camel in Critical Condition Gets a New Home
    Camel in Critical Condition Gets a New Home
    This camel was found tied up under a bridge until he was rescued by veterinarians from Animal Rahat, a PETA-supported program that helps working animals in India.
  • Jake's Extreme Makeover
    Jake's Extreme Makeover
    When we found Jake, he was filthy and matted and tested positive for heartworms. But once he met PETA's fieldworkers, he couldn't stop wagging his tail. He now has a wonderful home with a big backyard and several fur siblings.
  • From Barely Living to Living Like Bears
    From Barely Living to Living Like Bears
    Thanks to the generosity of animal friend Sam Simon, PETA rescued two Himalayan black bears who were confined to a concrete pit and moved them safely to a sanctuary.
  • Rabbit Rescued From Dinner Table
    Rabbit Rescued From Dinner Table
    What could have been Prudence’s last day on Earth turned into the luckiest day of her life when a PETA staffer rescued her just in the nick of time from a cruel person who was planning to use her for food.
  • Justice for Justice
    Justice for Justice
    PETA fieldworkers rescued Justice after his collar became embedded in his neck. He was rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic for treatment and is now blossoming in a foster home.
  • Killing Contests Abolished
    Killing Contests Abolished
    After PETA and other concerned groups weighed in with California wildlife authorities, cruel coyote, fox, and bobcat killing contests—in which the participant with the most kills wins cash and other prizes—were banned.
  • Rabbits Sheltered From Bitter Cold
    Rabbits Sheltered From Bitter Cold
    When PETA found out that rabbits were being kept outside in freezing weather in Vermont, we worked with authorities to ensure that they were brought in from the cold.
  • CSULB Cuts Ties With SeaWorld
    CSULB Cuts Ties With SeaWorld
    Just minutes before a demonstration was scheduled to start at California State University–Long Beach (CSULB), school administrators confirmed that they were cutting ties with SeaWorld and ending all promotions.
  • Squirrel Reintroduced Into the Wild
    Squirrel Reintroduced Into the Wild
    PETA persuaded a well-meaning citizen to let a volunteer take this squirrel, named Leila, to a wildlife rehabilitation center so that she could be reintroduced into the wild.
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