Liberate Animals Resolution Bracelet

Be part of the revolution: Make a resolution to help animals—not just for the new year but all year-round.

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PETA's Holiday Video Will Make Even the Coldest Heart Grow Three Sizes

PETA has just released a new video to inspire people to show peace and goodwill to animals this holiday. Please watch it and share it with everyone you know.

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Animal Rights Isn't Just a Philosophy

The basic principle of equality does not require equal or identical treatment; it requires equal consideration. Where do you stand?

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Shoppers Get an Eyeful (Photos)

Holiday shoppers get some last-minute advice about what to leave off their gift lists.

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Special Delivery to the Vatican: A Vegan Ham!

PETA hopes the Pope will celebrate a cruelty-free Christmas.

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7 Heartbreaking Christmas Wishes for Santa

Santa, are you listening? If these captive animals could talk, these are the gifts they’d wish for this Christmas.

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See the Faces Behind Your Donations

The lives of these animals were forever changed for the better, thanks to your support.

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9 Ways to Make the Holidays Vegan Without Even Trying © Vegan Baking

9 Ways to Make the Holidays Vegan Without Even Trying

Here are nine simple ways to make your holidays vegan without even trying.

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Be a Secret Santa for Animals!

PETA’s Secret Santa program is an easy, festive way to help animals and support the vital PETA campaigns that matter the most to you.

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22 Heartbreaking Photos From Pigs’ Journey to Slaughter Anita Krajnc | Toronto Pig Save

22 Heartbreaking Photos From Pigs’ Journey to Slaughter

What if you had to look into this pig’s eyes before eating your holiday ham?

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5 Reasons to Never Give a Puppy or Kitten as a Christmas Gift

If you or someone you know is thinking about “gifting” an animal this holiday season, here are five important things to consider.

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NFL's Brandon Flowers Wears Only Ink—and a Smile!

Check out PETA's latest anti-fur ad and exclusive interview with San Diego Chargers defensive back Brandon Flowers.

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