Sam Simon Hosts PETA’s Vegan Luau and Pig Toast

See the pictures and read the stories from PETA’s fall fundraiser―and see who earned the title of “The Big Kahuna.”

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PETA India Female Staffers Hospitalized After Attack by Angry Mob

Three PETA India staff members were hospitalized after a riot broke out in response to a peaceful appeal by PETA India for an animal-friendly Eid.

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Israel becomes First Country to Ban Horse-Drawn Carts © Alex Roskowsky for NRG from CHAI

Israel becomes First Country to Ban Horse-Drawn Carts

Israel becomes the first country in the world to ban horse-drawn carts from city streets. Will New York City be next?

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Disturbing Videos Caught on Tape by SeaWorld’s Visitors

Videos recorded by SeaWorld’s very own visitors reveal the haunting psychological and physical effects of captivity.

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Tell Seventh Generation to Clean Up Its Act © Doctors Against Animal Experiments

Seventh Generation: “We don’t want to die!”

Please take a moment to let Seventh Generation know that you will not buy its products until the company stops supporting campaigns that promote tests on animals.

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Why Animal Rights? © Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Animal Rights Isn't Just a Philosophy

Take vital steps to cut thoughtless cruelty to animals out of your life and to educate others around you. Check out the most comprehensive book on animal rights available today!

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Fur? 'No Good Deed' Star Taraji P. Henson Would Rather Go Naked

Check out Taraji's sexy anti-fur ad and take the pledge never to buy anything with fur or fur trim!

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10 PETA Members to Shower at New York City Climate Change March

PETA will be at the People’s Climate March with a display that will certainly turn heads.

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Ask Anything: Ingrid Newkirk Talks Progress, Pressure, Practical Jokes

In an interview with Allison’s Gourmet, Ingrid Newkirk talks about being a female president, how to deal with adversity, and what started it all.

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Rob Zombie Turns ‘Top Chef Duels’ Vegan and More Celeb News ©

Rob Zombie Turns ‘Top Chef Duels’ Vegan and More Celeb News

“Top Chef Duels” goes vegan for Rob Zombie, Carrie Underwood has the mom thing down, and stars speak out at the start of the dolphin slaughter.

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Guess Who’s Cutting Ties With SeaWorld Now?

The list of companies that are cutting ties with SeaWorld just keeps getting longer.

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Urge French Connection to Stop Selling Angora Wool!

Please urge French Connection to follow in the footsteps of its compassionate competitors and stop selling angora.

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