10 Celebrity Reactions to Ringling’s Big Announcement

The Tweetosphere came alive today with news that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will end elephant performances by 2018 in response to growing public concern over “how the animals …

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Okla. School Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Teach Animal Anatomy

Muskogee High School in Oklahoma is now using virtual dissection instead of cats to teach anatomy.

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Photo of the Day: No Luck Needed—Just an eCarriage! Photo by Julie Cappielo

Photo of the Day: No Luck Needed—Just an eCarriage!

The horseless eCarriage is the queen of the Queens St. Pat’s for All Parade.

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Martha Stewart Asks New York Mayor to Investigate Mysterious Death of Horse in Carriage Industry

A horse named Tickles was put down after he suffered a leg injury.

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Jesus’ Golden Rule and Derick Dillard © iStock.com/vvvita

Jesus’ Golden Rule and Derick Dillard

When 19 Kids and Counting star Derick Dillard recently posted a video of himself sledding into a cat, we sent him a letter reminding him that Jesus’ commandment to …

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The 7 Most Magical Animal Videos on the Internet

Tell us we’re wrong. YOU CAN’T.

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15 Things That Would Happen If You Were a Sheep

If you were a sheep used for wool, this is what would happen to you: 1. You’d probably live in Australia.   2. As a young sheep, your ears …

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Meet PETA’s Rescue Team and the Animals They Help

We will never turn our backs on the animals who need us the most. Here’s why.

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John Salley Presents PETA’s Top 5 Vegetarian-Friendly NBA Arenas

See the winners of PETA’s Top Five Vegetarian-Friendly NBA Arenas contest, presented by NBA great John Salley.

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Casting Call: These Kittens Want Starring Roles in Your Life

Rescued kittens Warren and Shirley don’t care about winning an Oscar—they just want to win your heart.

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Win Free #CrueltyFree bath products by LUSH!

We’re giving away these FREE #CrueltyFree bath products by LUSH! For a chance to WIN, REGRAM this pic, follow @officialpeta, hashtag #PETAprize, & you’ll automatically be entered!

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Vets Say People Need to Take Better Care of Bunnies © iStock.com/PhotoTalk

U.K. Vets Suggest Ways to Keep Bunnies Happy, Hoppy, and Healthy

A University of Bristol study finds that rabbits kept as "pets" are not having their needs met. Find out how to make bunnies far happier and healthier.

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PETA in Action

  • Camel in Critical Condition Gets a New Home
    Camel in Critical Condition Gets a New Home
    This camel was found tied up under a bridge until he was rescued by veterinarians from Animal Rahat, a PETA-supported program that helps working animals in India.
  • Killing Contests Abolished
    Killing Contests Abolished
    After PETA and other concerned groups weighed in with California wildlife authorities, cruel coyote, fox, and bobcat killing contests—in which the participant with the most kills wins cash and other prizes—were banned.
  • Rabbits Sheltered From Bitter Cold
    Rabbits Sheltered From Bitter Cold
    When PETA found out that rabbits were being kept outside in freezing weather in Vermont, we worked with authorities to ensure that they were brought in from the cold.
  • Goldfish-Eating Contest Cancelled
    Goldfish-Eating Contest Cancelled
    A Virginia event host made the compassionate decision to ditch the annual goldfish-eating contest after hearing our concerns.
  • Pookie Finds Forever Home
    Pookie Finds Forever Home
    Pookie the Chihuahua was chained outside because of his former owner's allergies until PETA and an activist got involved. They worked to find him a loving forever home, where he now lives happily indoors.
  • CSULB Cuts Ties With SeaWorld
    CSULB Cuts Ties With SeaWorld
    Just minutes before a demonstration was scheduled to start at California State University–Long Beach (CSULB), school administrators confirmed that they were cutting ties with SeaWorld and ending all promotions.
  • Injured Hawk Rescued
    Injured Hawk Rescued
    This flightless hawk, who was found in an industrial dumpster corral in California, was rescued and sheltered with PETA's help.
  • Squirrel Reintroduced Into the Wild
    Squirrel Reintroduced Into the Wild
    PETA persuaded a well-meaning citizen to let a volunteer take this squirrel, named Leila, to a wildlife rehabilitation center so that she could be reintroduced into the wild.
  • School Cancels Koi Fish Prize
    School Cancels Koi Fish Prize
    PETA persuaded officials at an elementary school in Hawaii to make the humane choice to end their more-than-a-decade-old practice of using koi fish as contest prizes in their annual fundraiser.
  • Ducklings Rescued from Drain Pipes
    Ducklings Rescued from Drain Pipes
    After ducklings were caught in drain pipes in an Ohio apartment complex, PETA worked with concerned residents to rescue them and convince the owners to retrofit the pipes to protect wildlife.
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