PETA Wants to Turn Meat Truck Into What …? © Aneesh Sankankutty

PETA Wants to Turn Meat Truck Into What …?

Can a place of pain and suffering be turned into something better?

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Should Animals Have Rights?

We believe that every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and suffering. If you wouldn't eat a dog, why eat a pig?

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Want to Fight Breast Cancer? Think Green

The most potent weapon against breast cancer could be in your kitchen.

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11 Grisly Requests From PETA President’s Will

You thought you’d seen it all from the world’s largest animal rights organization, but you won’t believe these graphic will instructions from PETA’s founder.

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Tell Seventh Generation to Clean Up Its Act © Doctors Against Animal Experiments

Seventh Generation: “We don’t want to die!”

Please take a moment to let Seventh Generation know that you will not buy its products until the company stops supporting campaigns that promote tests on animals.

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UPDATE: French Connection Bans Angora ©

French Connection Bans Angora

After being flooded with e-mails from PETA supporters, U.K.-based retailer French Connection agrees to stop selling all products made with angora wool.

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How Many Dolphins Have Died at SeaWorld in the Last 10 Years? ©

How Many Dolphins Have Died at SeaWorld in the Last 10 Years?

The next time you hear someone try to wax poetic about SeaWorld’s “conservation efforts,” hit them with this number.

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PETA Pig Farm Investigation Highlighted in Harrowing New Book

Acclaimed journalist Ted Genoways’ new book reveals the true price of cheap meat: abused animals, exploited workers, and a poisoned planet.

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Video: Horse in Carriage Industry Escapes, Runs Loose in Manhattan

See the disturbing eyewitness video of a horse, who is forced to pull carriages in New York City, escaping and tearing through the streets.

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India Closes Loophole in Cosmetics-Testing Ban

The Indian government has strengthened its historic ban on animal testing for cosmetics by also banning the importation of cosmetics tested on animals.

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Taraji P. Henson Bares All for Animals

Actor Taraji P. Henson would rather go naked than wear fur. Find out why she’s showing her skin to help animals keep theirs.

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PETA Slams Ringling in Time Capsule Proposal

It’s time for the clock to stop on Ringling’s abuse of elephants.

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