What Turned Pamela Anderson Into an Animal Advocate? ©starmaxinc.com

Have You Seen Pamela Anderson’s New Video?

In a new mini-documentary from the producers of “Blackfish,” Pamela Anderson opens up about how her past abuse has made her a determined animal advocate today.

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Why Animal Rights? ©iStock.com/nkbimages

Animal Rights Isn't Just a Philosophy

The basic principle of equality does not require equal or identical treatment; it requires equal consideration. Where do you stand?

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The Perfect Vegan Thanksgiving

Here are some dishes everyone will be thankful for this season.

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Dr. Jenn Berman: It’s Not the Monkeys Who Need Their Heads Examined © VH1

Dr. Jenn Berman: It’s Not the Monkeys Who Need Their Heads Examined

“Couples Therapy” host Dr. Jenn Berman wonders what cruel baby-monkey experiments say about the experimenters themselves.

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Rise Against Calls for an End to SeaWorld

Vocalist Tim McIlrath chooses to perform. Animals in captivity aren’t so lucky.

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You Won’t Believe How This Puppy Was Being Kept

Instead of receiving treatment, a sick puppy is put outside in a wooden box.

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Help End Animal Testing in 60 Seconds

Animals in laboratories need YOU! Speak up to help end animal testing.

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CONSUMER ALERT: Don’t Be Fooled by Butterball’s ‘Humane’ Label © iStock.com/rhammbone

CONSUMER ALERT: Don’t Be Fooled by Butterball’s ‘Humane’ Label

PETA has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over misleading claims that are likely influencing consumers.

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‘The Panda’s Friend’ Unveils PETA Ad in Chengdu

As the Chinese Basketball Association season gets into full swing, former NBA player The Panda’s Friend launched an ad to promote the importance of spaying and neutering.

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Court Orders Chronic Abuser to Lose the Cats

A Nevada court orders big-cat abuser Karl Mitchell to get the animals out of town.

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Shop Vegan With Marco Antonio Regil!

Television icon and longtime vegan Marco Antonio Regil wants to help you get healthy, go green, and help animals.

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PETA Has Come to Minecraft!

Animal-loving Minecraft builders, your wish has been granted! PETA is launching an animal utopia on the popular Minecraft system.

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