Why Are These Bears Living in a Concrete Pit?

An ailing bear waits for help in vain in a Tennessee tourist trap.

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Why Animal Rights? © iStock.com/mauhorng

Why Should Animals Have Rights?

Whether it’s based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or species, prejudice is morally unacceptable. If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a pig?

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Thinking of Going Vegan? Here’s How! ©iStock.com/themacx

Thinking of Going Vegan? Here’s How!

Going vegan is easier than ever before, but we are here to make it even easier—as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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NFL's Chris Culliver: Take Your Time—It's Their Walk

To us, it's one more thing that has to get done. But to dogs, their walks are everything.

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Member of Congress Calls Out DOD for Skirting Ban on Animal Use in Training © iStock.com/Tsekhmister

Member of Congress Calls Out DOD for Skirting Ban on Animal Use in Training

The Air Force is trying to circumvent the ban on using animals in some trauma training, but one congressmember, a lieutenant colonel, is digging in his heels.

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Before-and-After Photos Show How Dogs Should Age

Touching before-and-after photos show young pups and the dear older dogs they matured into over a lifetime of tender, loving care.

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World’s Largest Clothing Retailer Donates 31,000 Angora Items to Refugees Ahmad Mousa/Demotix

World’s Largest Clothing Retailer Donates 31,000 Angora Items to Refugees

After PETA released its angora wool exposé, Inditex banned angora from all its brands and found a great use for the wool it had in stock.

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Victory! California Laboratories Must Try to Find Homes for Animals

Dogs and cats who’ve survived experiments in California university laboratories will have a chance at finding homes, thanks to a new law.

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Come One, Come None! Ringling Is Downsizing

Ringling is downsizing from three touring shows to two.

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Can You Restore This Cat’s Faith in Humanity?

He was lucky to escape with his life, but now he faces another obstacle: No one seems to want to take him to a real home.

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Win Ed Sheeran’s Guitar, Stella McCartney’s Bag, Kelly Slater’s Board & More

In PETA’s 35th anniversary online auction, you can bid on prizes from Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Daniel Tosh, Black Sabbath, Russell Simmons, and many others.

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PETA’s New Tactic to Combat Whole Foods’ Lies? Buy Its Stock!

It’s time for Whole Foods to stop marketing meat as “humane,” “humanely raised,” and “raised with care.” Here’s what we’re doing about it.

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PETA in Action

  • Hawk Transferred to Rehabber
    Hawk Transferred to Rehabber
    When we heard about this injured hawk, we promptly arranged for his transfer to a reputable rehabilitation facility.
  • From Craigslist to Safety
    From Craigslist to Safety
    After we were alerted to a Craigslist ad that implied that someone may inflict harm on an unwanted dog, we responded immediately and transported her to a reputable shelter, where she was put up for adoption!
  • Injured Duck Given a Helping Hand
    Injured Duck Given a Helping Hand
    PETA worked with concerned callers to ensure that this injured duck ended up in expert hands.
  • Handsome Pup Gets Help!
    Handsome Pup Gets Help!
    Two PETA staffers spotted this handsome pup roaming the streets. They quickly transported him to a reputable shelter.
  • Reptile Rescue
    Reptile Rescue
    We helped this chameleon, who was kept as a "pet" and denied adequate care. He's now in capable hands.
  • Pigeon Saved From Sidewalk
    Pigeon Saved From Sidewalk
    When PETA received word via Twitter of this pigeon languishing on a sidewalk, we spirited him to a local veterinarian.
  • Rescued From a Violent Fate
    Rescued From a Violent Fate
    After we got word that irresponsible owners were planning to shoot several of their 14 dogs because of over-breeding, we stepped in and transported them to safety.
  • Turtle Saved and Fishing Banned!
    Turtle Saved and Fishing Banned!
    PETA helped with the vetting and re-release of soft-shell turtle Tish, who had been hooked by children fishing. This led to a community ban on fishing at this pond.
  • From Hoarding to Safety
    From Hoarding to Safety
    We arranged for the transport of 10 Chihuahua-mixes from a hoarding situation to a reputable animal shelter, where they'll be spayed and neutered and put up for adoption!
  • Bunny Reunited With Mom
    Bunny Reunited With Mom
    We convinced a concerned caller that a small bunny she found would be best reunited with his mother and not kept as a "pet." We ensured that he was released and reunited with his family.
  • Pup Rushed to Safety!
    Pup Rushed to Safety!
    PETA spirited this distressed dog to safety after he had been hit by a car. He was handed over to expert hands.
  • Nestling Gets Help!
    Nestling Gets Help!
    We ensured that this lone nestling, who was found by a compassionate caller, was whisked to a capable rehabber. He's expected to make a full recovery.
  • Neglected No More
    Neglected No More
    When we heard about this neglected poodle mix, we immediately alerted authorities, who then seized and groomed the dog and filed charges against his abusers!
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